Interest to keeping reptiles as pets prospers during past two decades and quantity of reptiles` amateurs increases simultaneously. Nowadays people wishing to acquire a reptile have a very large choice. But what animal is better to choose?

There are several factors which make appearance of reptiles attractive. First factor is simplicity of keeping. All reptiles require attentive attention and care but keeping of some types is worth not very significant efforts. Reptiles which need more simple conditions are adapted to live in a wide temperature and humidity range and respectively more robust. Another important factor is size of an animal. Keeping and caring of small and medium-sized reptiles are easier.

Compliant character of an animal is another significant factor if you want to take a reptile in hands. No one reptile is glad to have excessive contact with people but some species can endure keeping in arms more calmly than others. This seems to be a decisive factor for reptiles which are acquired for young children as they occasionally pull about animals. The question of feeding is also important for choosing reptile. The majority of species which are considered to be appropriate for keeping is not fastidious about their food and have a good appetite.

Price is also of great importance but cheaper species on the markets are less suitable for beginning amateurs. An obvious example is green iguana. In the end it`s possible to make a portrait of ideal reptile for the start of hobby. This animal should be medium-sized, of an average price possessing calm character, be easily domesticated and have a wonderful nutritional instinct. For beginning but serious terrariophile a reptile should be easily breeding in captivity.

Experienced specialists recommend to acquire exotic pets only after consultation with a professional zoologist. Thus you`ll be able not only to create comfortable conditions for unusual pets but also equip a fragment of exotic fauna practically in any interior. As a rule for keeping any reptiles it`s necessary to purchase a specially equipped capacity terrarium. As any terrarium presents an artificially created ecosystem a master should arrange conditions which are analogous to a natural habitat. In accordance with the requirements of zoologists terrarium should be equipped with light sources, systems of temperature maintaining and ventilation.