A rat is an elder brother of a mouse and one of the most ancient neighbours of a man. Norway and black rat and ancestors of decorative pets are widespread in various parts of the world. Coat pattern varies depending on rat`s breed. Albino rats possess homogeneous coat pattern. Rats can be black, blue, chocolate and other colours.

Decorative variations of rats have been developed for keeping in a flat. Enthusiastic breeders are passionate about linebreed and constantly increase a diversity of rats` coat patterns. Thanks to unpretentiousness and adaptability a rat can be easily kept as a pet whereas mental abilities of rats are able to surprise you as these animals are quite clever, perfectly orient themselves in space and take well to training. Besides, they quickly get used to a master and become domestic as cats.

It`s better to keep rats in spacious mesh cages consisting of several floors and having climbing frames and various game accessories. Stoneware jug, box made of durable cardboard or special house bought in a shop can serve as a house for sleeping which should be necessarily placed in a cage. Considering that rats are actively interested in the outside world, quite cheerful and playful it`s advisable to provide hammocks, ropes, cloths and wheels of all kinds. When keeping only one rat you have to pay it considerable attention. For that reason if you have lack of time it will be more fun if you acquire two rats.

An automatic drinking cup for gnawing animals, a steady feeder or hanging water troughs and a litter box are certainly should be present in a cage. As a litter it`s recommended to use wood chips, compressed sawdust or clean paper. Nowadays pet shops offer a wide range of litter. Rat`s dwelling should be placed away from draught and sources of heat as overheat is death-defying for rats. Put a special bath in a cage as many rats love water. A pet will splash there with pleasure. Don`t forget that rats are nocturnal animals. If you place a cage in a bedroom noise caused by playing of rats will disturb you.

Rats have not so diverse coat pattern as mice but thanks to persistence of breeders their variety is constantly increased. Many names of coat pattern and colouring are common for all decorative gnawing animals. Considering type of fur there are distinguished standard rats, rex with wavy fur and moustache, satin rats possessing glossy fur and sphinx.