Goal of rabbit`s acquiring can be different: for exhibition activity, stock breeding or just for the soul. Rabbits are divided into exhibitory and domestic pets (it`s not recommended to exhibit or breed such animals). Rabbits are nice domestic animals. They are neat, trainable, obedient and sociable. However before acquiring you should take into account several issues.

Occasionally rabbits have trouble adapting to people. If you attempt to take them in hands they start resist: bite, kick out and scratch. That`s why it`s not recommended to present rabbits to little children who like embrace and snuggle animals in arms. Rabbits are not suitable for little children as for communicating with them it`s necessary to express patience and caress. Rabbit`s owner must play and communicate with them. Rabbits are plant-eating animals. The majority of owners try to feed their rabbits with feed-stuff designated for cats or dogs. It`s utterly inadmissible. Rabbits should daily eat hay, pelleted feed and vegetables.

Some rabbits have health problems (for example, gastrointestinal disorders, viral infections, problems with teeth and paws). For that reason rabbits must be examined by veterinarian. Rabbits need constant physical exercise. They shouldn't be kept in a cramped isolated cage. They must be allowed to walk about the house but only under somebody`s care. You should spend a definite amount of time on feeding, cleaning the cage, changing of water and communication. In order to avoid obesity of rabbits they should be fed twice a day.

Rabbits look alike: alert ears, fluffy fir, clear eyes, cotton ball tail but quantity of breeds is enormous. A breed called mini rex includes such varieties as chinchilla, castor, Himalayan and others. Especially attractive breeds are Holland Lop, Satin Angora, Mini Lop and others. Level of rabbits` intelligence significantly exceeds intelligence of small rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs) but they are not so quick-witted as cats and dogs. Decorative rabbits are able to learn their name and answer a call of master but can`t perform complicated commands.

An unquestionable advantage of these animals is their cleanliness. They take care after their fur themselves and don`t need to bath. It`s only necessary to cut decorative rabbits` claws.