Dogs have been considered to be the most intelligent animals since ancient times. Puppies as well as adult dogs create an atmosphere of home comfort bringing joy by their presence. Acquiring a puppy you lay a great responsibility on your family as a puppy requires daily and hourly attention. A puppy quickly becomes the youngest member of your family.

Thanks to a great variety of breeds you can find a pet according to your tastes and character: from a couch-potato to a confounded fidget. If you are really interested in dog breeding it`s better to visit a specialized club or a nursery for dogs. Only in this case you`ll get a guarantee that your pet is thoroughbred.

In order to raise and bring up a dog it`s necessary to keep a good look-out for conditions of keeping a puppy from the moment of purchasing. Puppy`s fate is in your hands that`s why it`s essential to create all necessary conditions for healthy and full-fledged life. Before bringing a pet home it`s necessary to arrange sleeping place and place for eating, choose a diet, buy necessary educational toys and decide many other questions.

As a puppy grows up it`s necessary to take good care of dog`s hair, claws and pay attention to training and upbringing. A properly selected food products will help to protect puppy`s health. You should always be ready to provide your pet assistance in case of illness and cure it following prescriptions of a veterinarian. Besides, try to prevent various accidents.

Regarding age it's not recommended to take a puppy immediately after the end of breastfeeding period as a lady-dog not only feeds puppies but also takes care of them and plays an important role in their upbringing and socialization. Primary socialization of a dog is happening at the age between three and seven months puppies start barking and learn body language. A puppy learns to communicate with other animals, trains its natural instincts and learns about hierarchy of dogs' world. Only after finishing this period it`s possible to separate a puppy. As a rule this moment comes when a puppy is three months. If you take a younger puppy its behaviour can considerable differ from other dogs` behaviour. Besides, taking care and feeding will be more challenging.