Almost all children at least once a lifetime asked their parents to buy a monkey. These animals make people melt with joy. They are so resemble people with facial gesture, baboonish manners and even food preferences. Monkeys are very quick-witted, perfectly tamable and follow orders. Before acquiring a domestic monkey it`s necessary to make preparations beforehand. Monkeys are very curious that`s why you should hide all medicines and chemical preparations, strengthen doors of wardrobes and take away all fragile items. You shouldn't forget that domestic monkeys are a source of exotic diseases that are transmittable between animals and humans. In order to avoid serious infections it`s recommended to consult a veterinarian, attend medical examination and undergo definite medical tests.

Guenons, macaques and capuchins should be kept in enclosures but herewith it`s necessary to release them occasionally in order they could walk about the house. Length of an enclosure must be not less than two meters whereas height and width must reach one meter and a half. In an enclosure several snags for climbing should be placed which allow a monkey to move freely on them. It`s recommended to acquire an ultraviolet bulb that stimulates synthesizing of vitamin D3 in pet`s organism. Such a lamp is fixed to enclosure`s ceiling. Several tray feeders and drinking bowls are also should be acquired.

Monkeys are animals living in a herd and having a strict hierarchy. During domestication it`s necessary to let them know who is a master of the house. Don`t afford them an opportunity to undertake attempts to dominate housemates as it can lead to their negative behaviour. In order to establish a contact with a domestic monkey you should devote it much time, take a monkey in arms and talk to it.

Experts confirm that despite monkeys are omnivorous, you shouldn't feed the same food that you eat to them. Their basic diet should include eggs, porridge, meat dishes. It would be better if a veterinarian give recommendations on choice of products. Cereal, boiled peas, corn, seeds and nuts should be fed to monkeys.

It`s desirable to divide an enclosure into two separate zones by means of mobile shield. In such a case you`ll make a pet move to one part of the enclosure while cleaning another one. A constraint should be daily disinfected and cleaned. Usual sawdust will be well suited as a litter. In summer time it`s better to take an enclosure out of the house to fresh air if there is such an opportunity.