Before acquisition of a kitten it`s necessary to make sure that it is healthy. Carefully examine its appearance, ears and eyes. When choosing a kitten pay attention to conditions of keeping. If they are nice watch kitten`s behaviour. Normal weight and mobility are unmistakable signs of good health. Even if you are sure that a chosen kitten is healthy consult a veterinarian for examining and vaccination.

At the moment of acquiring a kitten should be approximately two months of age. It is not recommended to take too little kitten. Firstly, it hasn't got all essential nutrients from breast milk. Secondly, maternal isolation in the early postnatal period influences the behavior of a kitten as it`ll be looking for a source of milk or massage your knees with claws. People who faced these problems know that breaking of such habits is difficult to achieve.

Remember that before bringing a kitten home you should prepare your accommodation to this event as a little kitten can be compared with a child: desire to discover the world is peculiar for it. You can avoid small troubles by hiding small and fragile things. A kitten can swallow small objects (paperclips, buttons).

After appearing a curious pet at home masters should be very careful and attentive in order not to step on its paw or shut kitten's tail in a door. When your accommodation is new for a kitten it would be better if a kitten tried to learn its territory gradually. It will take some time for a kitten to memorize size and location of rooms. At first it can hide and refuse offered food. During this complicated for a kitten period it`s necessary to get into contact with it.

Sleeping place will play an important role for a kitten as all little animals like to sleep. A spacious basket or cardboard box covered with soft material will suit for this purpose. Put it in a dry, warm and protected against draughts place. When a kitten becomes slightly older it will need to sharpen its claws. For that purpose it`s possible to use a wooden bar or a broom (some kittens prefer namely a broom to all other variants). Besides it's recommended to acquire a claw cutter and regularly cut growing claws.