People started domesticating horses more than six thousand years ago. Nowadays domestic horses are widely bred, quantity of breed reach 200 varieties. There are riding horses, coaching, dray horses and others. Horse is one of the most beautiful animals. Long neck is decorated with mane. Slim long legs are adapted for fast running. Horses are excellent swimmers. They possess nice hearing and recognize steps of their master from far away.

If you are planning to acquire a horse for a child remember that small ponies delight children whereas bigger or usual horses can arouse fear. It will be great if you manage to find a horse with an outgoing personality. Many children dream about pony and frequently ask parents to buy it. Scientists claim that children who practice horse riding become very disciplined, responsible, self-confident, humane and learn to nurture friendships and engage in relationships with people. Surely a horse will have a positive impact on a child but positive relationships with a horse will be formed not immediately. For that reason parents should have a serious educational conversation with a child before purchasing.

Horses are neat animals that`s why caring for them is a needful and necessary process. Correct horseshoeing and good condition of horseshoes are very important. Horses` haircut should be done in summer period. During haircutting it`s necessary to remove old hair that allows to reduce sweating. Cleaning of a horse should be performed daily and consists of three steps: cleaning of hooves, teeth and eyes which are washed with a wet cloth. Hooves must be cleaned not less than twice a day: before and after training. Daily cleaning includes combing of mane and tail. At the end of the day a horse must be wisped as it strengthen its muscles and considerably improve blood circulation of a horse.

Fibrous and rough constituent part of horse`s nutrition is called coarse food. It can be fresh in the form of grass, hay or silage. Horses` digestive system in contrast to a man is able to get nutritional substances out of food fibre thanks to thick intestine. Food fibre is a main component of coarse food.

Regarding physical training of horses exercises can be divided into three stages. At first it`s necessary to make a horse move slowly. During the second stage it must be able to carry a rider and at the final stage a horse must perform challenging tasks, for example to participate in hunting or horserace.