Hamster is a solitary animal but sellers frequently argue to the contrary. Hamsters of any breed should be kept separately. Hamsters don`t get bored in isolation and solitude. What is more, hamsters feel calmer when they are alone. Hamsters won sympathy of many pets amateurs thanks to their unpretentiousness, friendliness and intelligence but in spite of all their dignities and popularity it`s necessary to be sensible of responsibility in such issues. You should make sure that none of your housemates is allergic to animal hair or litter.

All hamsters equally dislike draughts, too warm or cold air and dampness. They shouldn't be kept in a smoke-filled room, on the floor or a windowsill. A cage with horizontal or vertical rods is the most appropriate and comfortable dwelling for a hamster. Its size depends on pet`s breed.

In order to make your pet feel happy you should not only feed it but also entertain. Many hamsters cannot do without appliances for climbing, various decorative branches, tubes, labyrinths, obstacles creating several tiers. Besides, a ring with crossbars should be necessarily placed, it can be mounted to a wall or place on the floor of the cage. Medium-sized compressed or mixed with chips sawdust is most frequently used as a litter. Fine screened sand is suitable for dwarf breeds. It`s recommended to categorically exclude all kinds of textile and paper ground cloth including newspapers, cotton wool and cloths. A house for sleeping and rest is an important place in hamster`s dwelling. It should be quite spacious and comfortable. Its construction should ensure an easy access for cleaning and ventilation.

In contrast to many pets hamsters are short lived. In nice care conditions hamsters live on average from one year and a half to three and half years. It`s better to acquire a hamster under the age of two months. Young hamsters faster get used to new environment and more amenable to upbringing.

Natural food of hamsters is hard cereals such as wheat, oats and millet. Besides, they like to nibble sunflower seeds and nuts but these delicacies shouldn't become main food, it`s better to give them as a dessert. Liquid demand and vitamins hamsters satisfy by eating juicy vegetables and fruits: apples, carrots, pears, celery, cucumbers, beet and maize. Sometimes you can treat a hamster to sweat berries in small quantities.