For those people who want to acquire a beautiful pet but love quietness and calmness the most appropriate variant will be purchasing of aquarium fish. A great variety of breeds allows to choose them according to your taste: from big and brightly coloured to small, grey and unconspicuous fish.

Before acquiring aquarium fish it wouldn't be worthless to take interest in optimal conditions for a definite type of fish, in particular, temperature, hardness and acidity of water, requirements for lightning, aeration, filtration, frequency of water and feed-stuff changes. If you are planning to keep several types of fish in one aquarium it`s necessary to choose fish which require similar conditions of keeping. Entire care system is based namely on these conditions. Maintaining of appropriate aquatic habitat parameters is not difficult. It`s enough to switch on a heater, backlighting, filter timely and protect aquarium from harmful influence: don`t place objects which release various substances, don`t smoke in the room where aquarium is set up.

Everyday care includes primarily feeding of fish. Adult fish must be fed once or twice a day. Quantity of feed-stuff should be excessive as remaining in warm water aqua feed spoils quickly and pollutes water. Besides, overeating is harmful for fish that`s why it`s better to underfeed fish than overfeed. Cleaning of aquarium consists in removal of aqua feed remains and fish waste, partial change of water. Optimal frequency of aquarium cleaning should be defined by aquarist depending on degree of impurity.

It`s possible to create underwater landscape by laying previously boiled ground that should be big-sized as small sands will prevent removing of impurities. Many aquarists give preference to basalt by reason of its great property it perfectly softens municipal water making it more comfortable for habitat of aquarium fish. Never use bank sand as a ground taken on the shore of the nearest pond as it can cause death of fish because of numerous animalcular which are impossible to remove.

Purchasing of aquarium, fish and taking care of them present extraordinary exciting activity for people of any age. Caring for fish facilitates upbringing of children. It allows to develop careful attitude to small and defenceless fosterlings, get a child used to responsibility for their life and health, teach assiduity and patience.