Dog is the most unfailing and faithful friend. For many millennia these animals live side by side with people helping and protecting them. Dogs are famous for their learning capabilities, love of playing and social behavior. There are breeds of dogs suitable for performing of various kinds of work such as guarding of special objects, assistance of blind people. In contrast to cats who can be called identical dogs can be small decorative dogs and big-sized depending on their breed. When acquiring a dog it`s recommended to ask about pedigree of the chosen pet.

Before acquisition of a dog it`s also necessary to familiarize with standards and peculiarities of the breed that you've chosen. This knowledge will help you not only to make sure that you haven`t mistaken in breed`s choice but also define dog`s health condition. There are categories of people who will benefit from keeping dogs: lonely people, people living in a private house and those who need daily walks. Lonely people will stop to feel friendless and be able to give their love.

Dog training is one of the most favourite activities of their masters. In order to change dog`s behavior you should bring up and train your dog. It`s possible to teach it to perform elementary commands which help to calm a dog, make it more active etc. Most importantly, you should bring up a dog in such a way that it will become more manageable.

Surely every owner of a dog is interested in its feeding. Food should be nutritious and useful. There is a huge range of feed-stuff but really natural food products are not numerous. Dry feed-stuff is the simplest variant of providing a balanced meal. Dog`s organism should be ensured with products containing mineral salts, nutrients, vitamins and water. Pregnant and lactating dogs need more protein. Adult dog should be fed once or twice a day. Besides, don`t forget about water.

It`s necessary to brush a dog not touching ears. It is desirable to clean a dog daily as an alternative in the form of frequent washing is contraindicated for dogs. Dog`s ears and teeth should be cleaned once a week. Claws of many dogs, especially decorative breeds, grow and recurve. It`s necessary to examine claws and if needed to cut.