Cats present beautiful, clever, independent, neat, elegant and undemanding animals with highly developed psyche which can be ideal four-legged pets for children and grown-ups as well. Adult cats are easy to keep in domestic conditions. In contrast to dogs cats are not necessarily should be walked.

The majority of people would like to acquire a cat. This desire is increased when a fluffy and pretty cat sits on your knees. Communication with such a nice animal brings joy and calmness and it`s not surprising. Some people consider that symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and even cancer clear up if a cat appears at home.

Of course, it`s not necessarily to believe in such reasoning. However statistics convinces that life expectance of cats’ owners considerably exceeds life expectancy of people not having these pets. According to scientists cats can prevent disease progression and in some cases cure dangerous disorders. A positive influence of four-legged friends results from ability to order psychoemotional state of their master. Cats are the neatest animals and therefore appropriate for living with people under the same roof. A healthy cat takes care of hygiene itself.

An important aspect of keeping a cat in domestic conditions is upbringing of cats as it`s necessary to cure a cat of bad habits. No one wants cats to scratch furniture. It`s recommended to start cat`s upbringing since the first day of its appearing in your house. There is a substantial regularity of cats` behaviour – every cat possesses its individual traits of character. For example, your pet can be lazy, sociable or a bit wildish. All these peculiarities should be taken into account while taking disciplinary measures.

Nutrition of cat is one of the main aspects of ensuring its active and healthy life. Don`t habituate your cat to eating special feed-stuff. Remember that it causes harm its digestive system. If a cat eats such a food make sure that it has constant access to water as dry food raises a thirst. Try to diversify cats ration by adding vegetables, meat, fish, milk and hot food. If you noticed that a cat is inactive, constantly sleeps and stopped to eat pay attention to its health. State of cat`s health depends namely on your operative actions. You shouldn't put off consultation with a veterinarian. Any disease requires quick diagnostics of pet`s organism.