If you think about taking a bird to your house it`s important to choose it correctly and consider whether it fits your character and lifestyle. Only in this case you`ll be able to enjoy this pet and provide a bird necessary life conditions.

Cleanness is the most important factor of keeping birds in cages or aviaries. Time spent on maintaining order and purity in birds` houses is highly remunerated. Thus you`ll avoid various disorders such as intestinal, parasitic diseases and others.

It`s not recommended to place many birds in aviaries as accommodation for keeping birds is quickly polluted that creates the risk of infectious disease emergence. Such contagious diseases can spread among numerous habitats. Judging by rich experience of birds` owners the greatest positive effect you`ll get in case of keeping a small number of feathered pets. It`s natural as you`ll find individual approach to every bird and give it more attention. Besides, feeding will become more qualitative. What is more, birds will look much better: they`ll become more active and healthy.

A bird that you`ll recently acquired should be placed in a separate cage for keeping in quarantine. If you don`t take such measures a bird with an infectious disease can infect other birds. Keeping in quarantine should last a month. During the first week it`s necessary to keep a close watch on bird`s appetite. If it willingly eats grain feed you can vary its diet by adding additional food supplements. It`s necessary to find out what kinds of grain feed a bird prefers and in what quantity. Try to define daily nutritional requirement per a bird. Frequent change of feed stuff can cause digestive disturbance.

A cage with canaries or small parrots is recommended to put on a wardrobe, shelf or hang on a special hook in order ensure birds with peace. Thanks to placing in a quiet corner birds can feel relaxed during hatching and fledging. Some amateurs periodically let birds fly about the house whereas others don`t close the door of the cage and birds enter it to have a rest or eat. Providing freedom is useful for birds` health but it`s necessary to net windows in order prevent flying outside.